When Advertising Networks..

…start requesting ID’s from you. Then you think twice whether you want to do this. Especially if they come from the grey zone. I was asked a few days ago to send my ID to Propellerads. I was registered with them as a publisher for almost a year and gave them more than a million impressions a month. They decided to start something new called KYC System. I can understand when payment systems or governments exert pressure. This forces such networks as Propellerads to take action.

Propellerads knows, however, that their advertising. I suppose 50 or 60% if even more come from the grey zone or from the scene. Just the thought of subscription traps, viruses, gambling and other methods used as advertising media makes this even more suspicious. Especially for webmasters.Of course I would have no problem sending my ID to such a company. However, as a webmaster you still think about whether you should take such a step. Nevertheless, anonymity is more important to a webmaster than something like that, isn’t it?

Mail from Propellerads

Advertising from Adsterra, Adcash, Popcash, Popads and much more is simply used by illegal Warez, Porn, Stream or Filehoster and Streamhoster and also these companies know this and do targeted advertising for them. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m overreacting. However, I find that such a sensitive topic has to be reconsidered again and again, especially with such providers. Especially if providers also offer payouts in the form of crypto currencies, this is still a bigger issue.

I have come to the decision to move from Propellerads and register with other providers.

Let’s see if other providers will join in or if this is the case everywhere. Otherwise alternatives have to be found.

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  • While I am not devaluing your concern of sharing a personal document, allow me to to have a different opinion on this matter.

    For internal business purposes and only, it is suggested to “know your partner”.
    Verifying an identity, potentially eliminates any risks of illegal intentions or fraud between a company and the client himself.
    At the same time, client is protected from scamming or any illegal access to his personal account.

    In addition, The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of privacy data laws that requires businesses to protect and prioritize the privacy of personal data for European residents and out.
    Any attempt or failure to comply with this law, can lead to huge lawsuits. A company would never jeopardize its credibility and transparency for this.

    The KYC is for finance purposes and to prevent banks from being used intentionally for money laundering or any illegal money activities.
    Still, this is a subject between the company and banks and has nothing to do with the personal details of company’s clients.

    • Thank you for the detailed explanation of the situation.

      Exactly such an explanation is necessary for such a blog post. Now we have exactly a clarity of this whole thing. When it comes to ID’s and other things, some people react very tricky because most of the time they think that such data will only be misused.

      It shouldn’t be a bad commercial for propellerads. It should be purely informative. Anyway, I thank you for that answer.

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