DMCA Ignored becomes more and more popular

File and stream hosting right now

File and stream hosting right now

DMCA ignored has become so big that it can hardly be ignored anymore. By not ignored I mean that MPAA or RIAA won’t let this get through so easily anymore. GO Unlimited started with this trend about a year ago and today there are about 10 more hosters. Such providers are popular at the moment because uploaders don’t have to upload again and again when they are deleted. But the content owners are getting impatient and the copyright agencies are more and more under pressure.

More and more lawyers are called in to locate the operators. Namecheap and Cloudflare are lately also increasingly under pressure. The domain of Openload was suspended and blocked only a few days ago, GO Unlimited was removed from Cloudflare. Namecheap has blocked and removed several filehoster domains. Subpoenas from RIAA caused some filehosters to disappear from the scene. Also many Warez pages were under pressure or disappeared from the screen.

In Germany, however, the situation is still relaxed. Portals like Kinox, Movie4k, or are still online today and accessible without problems. The question, however, is whether will also disclose the data through subpoenas. Up to now there was no case that a .to domain was removed from the net. It is also not known whether more domain registrars are under pressure or only the two US companies Cloudflare and Namecheap. Russian domain providers like .ru or .su or .to still seem to be safe at the moment. International domain providers are under increasing pressure from the Content MAFIAA.

Some DMCA ignored file hosters on

There are many hosting providers that ignore all the DMCA requests because in many countries it is not regulated by law. But if it comes to a subpoena, then even the biggest Bulletproof Hoster will get scared. Information can be forwarded quickly, without problems. It is a big dilemma for all hosting operators. I don’t suspect that OVH, Ecatel, Obenetwork or other providers would cooperate with DMCA at all. The reason is simple. Money rules. If you can earn money with cheap hardware, other things are not relevant anymore. Offshore hosting is expensive and lucrative. Anyway, we are curious about what will happen in the future. What are your opinions on this? If you have other information or discussions, you can comment here.

The Group

Many from the scene, especially from Germany, know the group and the old Kinox and Movie4k all originate from and Movie2k. There have been rumours and speculations about who the operators might be. Since the foundation of the portals, the German authority has been working to remove them from the net. It is assumed that the largest Warez and Stream portals in Germany belong to the same operators. These sites are,, and They have the same Cloudflare connections and even before they knew that many of the sites are on the same servers. Among other things it was also said that they belonged to and also these web pages are operated by the same persons. For years was the most famous stream portal in Germany and left the biggest headlines behind. The revenues were in millions in one month. Everything about Kinox, and its history can be read on Tarnkappe (German), or Torrentfreak (English).

My blog post is not about the Warez portals themselves. It’s about the phenomenon of their hosting providers that were used in the past. There used to be very large stream and file hosting sites. These called themselves as follows:,,,, and others. The business model of at that time was not only to run a stream portal, but to run several portals. It even went so far that own hosting and stream hosters were founded to earn money through premium. It was a real business where you could earn a lot of money. That’s exactly what happened. They had reached their goal and thus also the great attention.

Many still have a big question mark. How could a new portal like be created after was taken off the net and the companies were arrested after about two days? It went relatively fast and the copy of appeared after two days out of nowhere and was able to get the throne. It is speculated that belongs to the same operators and until today it was suspected that the real operators were caught although they were not caught or only a part of it?

akrino inc

Even later, after went online, the same DDoS protection from Akrino Inc was used as it was for Akrino Inc was a private and expensive DDoS protection in the form of a reverse proxy that could only be obtained through Russian Business Network contact. Through an inquiry at RIPE you got the mail from Akrino, but you didn’t always get an answer from them.

Then there’s another question I’m asking myself today. Why are and still online today? The subpages are no longer available but you can still see the start page today. Both portals have been inactive for more than 5 years but are still online. Such portals were a part of the old team and were still online after the bust of The German authorities used to think that after the arrest of several portals would go offline which didn’t happen. Some hosting operators were arrested who cooperated with and also later cooperated with the German GVU. was in its time a real company with many employees and partners. There were even some Hetzner employees who cooperated with to earn some money. had all its storage servers at Hetzner. An employee of Hetzner who also knew what was distributed on cooperated. Russian Business Network cooperated with various hosting services that were used. Ecatel, Dragonara and Akrino were all involved.

cloudflare scan

The Kreshnik and Kastriot Selimi brothers from Kosovo are suspected of having run the group. But I still suspect that both brothers are innocent and not the right operators. The German police accuse the brothers of violence, weapons, coercion, arson and threats. But if you look at the pictures of the two brothers, this can hardly be possible. They simply look like two innocent nerds. The German police themselves do not know who the operators are. They speculate and wait until the operators make a mistake, which they didn’t make after went offline. They search for the Selimi brothers and the Warez pages are still online today. Many things don’t make sense and it is questionable how Germany operates against them. Much is veiled and lied. Therefore these Warez pages are a phenomenon today. Many suspect honeypots behind the portals and don’t even want to work with them anymore.

If you scan the Cloudflare name servers or the SSL, you will see how many domains are actually involved with Kinox. Of course this does not mean that all domains are involved. It only means that on the same name there are also domains that others use. But certain domains stand out and one can only think that they must have almost a connection. Like on the photo with

What my thoughts on the whole Kinox Group are, I’ll keep my hands off it. A whole group of operators cooperating with RBN. Have fingers on almost all Warez pages. In principle they control the whole German Warez scene. Be it a hosting operator, proxy provider, stream hoster or just a DDL site. It could also be that a Hetzner employee runs the whole site if they were already involved before? They always say your friend is the biggest enemy and I think it is the same with all these Warez pages. I guess Kinox is run by someone the police would never think. What is your opinion about these portals?