DMCA Ignored becomes more and more popular

File and stream hosting right now

File and stream hosting right now

DMCA ignored has become so big that it can hardly be ignored anymore. By not ignored I mean that MPAA or RIAA won’t let this get through so easily anymore. GO Unlimited started with this trend about a year ago and today there are about 10 more hosters. Such providers are popular at the moment because uploaders don’t have to upload again and again when they are deleted. But the content owners are getting impatient and the copyright agencies are more and more under pressure.

More and more lawyers are called in to locate the operators. Namecheap and Cloudflare are lately also increasingly under pressure. The domain of Openload was suspended and blocked only a few days ago, GO Unlimited was removed from Cloudflare. Namecheap has blocked and removed several filehoster domains. Subpoenas from RIAA caused some filehosters to disappear from the scene. Also many Warez pages were under pressure or disappeared from the screen.

In Germany, however, the situation is still relaxed. Portals like Kinox, Movie4k, or are still online today and accessible without problems. The question, however, is whether will also disclose the data through subpoenas. Up to now there was no case that a .to domain was removed from the net. It is also not known whether more domain registrars are under pressure or only the two US companies Cloudflare and Namecheap. Russian domain providers like .ru or .su or .to still seem to be safe at the moment. International domain providers are under increasing pressure from the Content MAFIAA.

Some DMCA ignored file hosters on

There are many hosting providers that ignore all the DMCA requests because in many countries it is not regulated by law. But if it comes to a subpoena, then even the biggest Bulletproof Hoster will get scared. Information can be forwarded quickly, without problems. It is a big dilemma for all hosting operators. I don’t suspect that OVH, Ecatel, Obenetwork or other providers would cooperate with DMCA at all. The reason is simple. Money rules. If you can earn money with cheap hardware, other things are not relevant anymore. Offshore hosting is expensive and lucrative. Anyway, we are curious about what will happen in the future. What are your opinions on this? If you have other information or discussions, you can comment here.

Now it happened with Openload

wjunction users

What I had suspected for months has now also happened with Openload, Streamango and Streamcherry. Rapidvideo had given the go-ahead and now another one follows. It will not be the first hoster to make this decision. There will be some more to follow, I’m sure. Openload announced yesterday around midnight to completely remove their Pay-Per-View system. Users who should have more than 20$ on their account still have the possibility to pay out. Payouts can still be made until April 30th.

Many Wjunction users thank Openload for years of loyalty and a service they could offer. There has never been such a stream host in the streaming scene as Openload. Years ago Streamcloud was number one with an Alexa rank of 500 and Openload made it to the top up to Alexa 105 with 230 million unique visitors per month. Openload accounted for 0.8% of worldwide traffic on the Internet. Openload caused more traffic than HULU or HBO Go. After such a big announcement of Openload, many loyal users and big uploaders will have to put an end to the service. However, it probably doesn’t mean the end of Openload. If a company gets a monopoly position, it is still needed, even if it doesn’t offer anything. Through years of offering, there are uploaders who have become accustomed to the service. Especially visitors. Watch the video of Sandvine to see the Global Traffic Consumption. Global Internet Phenomena report 2018.

wjunction right now

This decision only leads to the drastic changes in the file hosting scene that I wrote some time ago. Big law changes in Europe, the eCPM are extremely pushed down. Adblocker user numbers have almost doubled the last five years. This also means that Pay-Per-Download and View is simply no longer profitable for webmasters today. Small hosting providers like Vidoza or GOUnlimited can still hold their own relatively well. The reason is simple, because the traffic from these sites is not as high as the traffic from Rapidvideo and Openload. The bigger the traffic, the less you earn through the eCPM of the advertisers. Also Vidoza and GOUnlimited have to decide sometime. What we can think, however, is that PPS will be up to date again. Previously there was only PPS on Duckload,, Freakshare or Bitshare. At some point there came a new trend reversal with PPV which seems to disappear again and PPS becomes in.

If an experienced hosting provider like Openload has decided for something like this, there must be reasons for it. This does not happen without a reason.

the new openload?

But it was interesting in the thread of Openload itself. A user shared a page called The site is exactly the same as Openload and you can import the links from Openload to Verystream without having to upload them. It looks like Verystream belongs to Openload. However, so far there has been no official confirmation nor is there an official support thread on Wjunction from this website. That’s why we can only speculate at this time.

The operators of GOUnlimited can now benefit from this whole thing. In a short period of time Rapidvideo and Openload have simultaneously stopped the PPV. GOUnlimited benefits from the whole thing and now has to cope with the massive traffic. This is how the admin of GOUnlimited on Wjunction describes the whole thing. I had already wondered about this hoster before how it is possible to ignore so many deletion requests from companies in the USA. GOUnlimited ignores almost all DMCA requests. We are curious about the whole development and so it looks as if GOUnlimited will take the monopoly at the moment. We hope the best and much success for the whole stream and filehoster webmasters.

affiliate threads @ wjunction

Many uploaders of Wjunction are very suspicious of this whole thing of GOUnlimited. There is almost no trust in the service because they suspect that GOUnlimited would eventually disappear from the net. GOUnlimited moves very deep in the grey area. So far, amazingly enough, the whole scene is very quiet. Many webmasters have not responded to Openload’s action. Maybe many welcome it because they can intercept the traffic as well as GOUnlimited does? Or are there already fierce discussions that some operators should follow? We will see what else will happen. On my blog you will stay up to date. In the comments you can give your opinion.

More information can also be found on Tarnkappe. But only in German.

Drastic changes for filehosters

In the next few years we will experience a revolution in the Internet. I am very convinced of that. Not in the sense of the whole Internet, but in the file hosting industry. Articles 13, 17, 11, Adblocker and advertising companies force filehosters to make massive changes. You guys have to understand the whole thing with articles 13, 17 and 11 all changed again. Adblock numbers have increased rapidly because even the stupidest users use Adblockers today. Advertising companies have pushed the CPM so hard that PPD (Pay Per Download) is no longer profitable today. Only PPS (Pay Per Sale) is profitable. Not only that, the advertising companies are forced today by some governments that they require personal data. There has never been such pressure before. Here for example you can read more. As if this wasn’t enough, the most used browser called Google Chrome has now brought an update that even blocks most pop-ups and ads. That was another slap in the face for all filehosters who actually need income to finance their servers.

We have to admit, we don’t live in golden times anymore where we could earn more than 100$ as webmaster for 20k impressions a day. Today it is for 20k impressions from the same countries with 100 times less CPM only maybe 10$. That is 90% less than 8 – 10 years ago in the file sharing scene. The times when streamhosters like Streamcloud, Duckload,, Filebase, Freeload and many other providers could earn a golden nose is no longer possible today. Also the Movshare group like Nowvideo, Videoweed or the group with Fileserve could enrich itself. Filehoster services such as Uploaded, Share-Online and Rapidgator can actually only keep themselves in the stable level through premium revenue. Even these sites would not be able to achieve anything without the revenue. At the moment there are 4 factors that put extreme strain on filehosters. Uploaded is also massively under pressure and will no longer be able to withstand this. Even a secure place like Switzerland is no longer as secure as it used to be.

A court decision for Rapidshare is still awaited

What filehosters are putting under extreme pressure at the moment:

  • Articles 13, 17, 11 put the file hosters under extreme pressure. This new law has caused extreme upheaval in some countries. Countries like Switzerland are also affected. There, for example, is Uploaded.
  • Adblockers have increased dramatically and the CPM are no longer profitable for filehosters. Bandwidth is still too expensive in Europe even if server prices have become cheaper over the last 10 years. Only PPS is profitable and no longer PPD.
  • Advertising companies like PropellerAds, PopAds that were once safe started using KYC. (Know Your Customer). Now it is mandatory to collect data and personal data from website operators because certain governments require it due to the high pressure. And no filehoster wants to give away data even if the site is on a legal level. Megaupload was also legal and Kim Schmitz was still fucked in the ass.
  • All over the world 80% Google Chrome is used on PCs and this browser will bring a big anti-advertisement update this summer.

Also Rapidshare had his company in Switzerland like Uploaded. Even though Switzerland may be a safe place because of the lax Internet laws, it could be dangerous for uploaded.

Rewards at Openload

On Wjunction some topics are hotly discussed as to why payments are no longer so regular. Many uploaders and well-known uploaders complain about the current situation and some even fear about its existence, because otherwise they could not earn anything more. Wjunction is still a webmaster forum for file sharing services. There are still many uploaders and official threads for filehosters. But also in this forum the activity has drastically decreased if you compare the numbers of the last 8 years. There are always new filehosters that open new topics on Wjunction but close later again because they are simply mistaken in this industry. Today there is only a small amount of successful filehosters left. Exactly because of the reasons that were listed above. It is said again and again that Openload delivers the payouts more and more late. Uploaded delays the payouts also massively and also in other filehoster topics rumors circulate again and again that payouts are delayed. Are some filehosters in a bottleneck? Some uploaders from the scene do not want to realize what is happening or do not understand the current situation. However, it is obvious what is happening here. The internet is changing again due to laws and the technology you have to adapt to.

We are curious how big providers like Rapidvideo, Openload, Vidoza will react and what the next steps will be. Here you can discuss what you think about the current situation. It is also very obvious that currently the Warez Scene is slightly inactive. Since the boom of Netflix and Spotify there are sites that are simply too unattractive for the world. Maybe it’s just in today’s digitalization? Because people are too lazy? I will keep you up to date on everything here on my blog.

GO Unlimited, how do you do it?

Actually, they’re known. The video hosters that appear in the Wjunction Board from nowhere and actually leave the net after a few months. However, there is a provider who calls himself GOUnlimited and this provider is still a very big phenomenon for me today. This is a pure video hoster that is really able to ignore all DMCA messages and provide a service that should be a target for content mafia companies like MPAA. I suspect that the owner of this site either acts alone or has some friends to help him. He uses the script from Sibsoft called XVideoSharing which has been used by sites like Streamcloud, Flashx and others for years and was a big hit back then. But we should not forget that until today no real alternative exists. Openload, Rapidvideo and several other hosters all have self-made scripts and the remaining 70% use Sibsoft scripts and the other 30% perhaps Yetishare. After research I know that the owner lives somewhere in an Arab country and also owner of some Warez websites is relatively well known in the Arab countries.

How he presents his service: GO Unlimited is the only DMCA ignored and offshore video hosting on the web which means that your pirated videos won’t be deleted due to any law, but it’s also a great option for all kind of videos. GO Unlimited is founded and being managed by a team who has more than 10 years of experience with pirated Movies, TV Shows, Football, websites online streaming and torrent.

But the big question is, why does he have such big balls? He offers a service that will be recognized by the MPAA at some point, if this hasn’t been done for a long time anyway. We know how fast the USA can take a page off the net. As an example there is Megaupload which was shut down by the FBI within weeks without any legal search decisions. For webmasters DMCA are a very sensitive topic. There are some, for them the handling of such messages is very important. One of these providers is Rapidvideo.

wjunction in a nutshell

If you look at the thread on Wjunction, the hoster is very popular for its offer and is growing steadily. It is paid for downloads, the streams run smoothly and videos are not deleted, a dream to be true, right? I don’t know if this will work in the long run. But one thing is clear, we hope that there won’t be another headline like the one from Megaupload. GOUnlimited expressed himself in any case in a contribution in Wjunction how he handles all this exactly. Is it wise that he pays his servers with his credit card? The storage servers are all at OVH and in case of a court order the data will be passed on in a few days. The Main Server is located in Netherlands at an offshore provider.

Many users also accused him of spreading lies and manipulating PPD revenue or blocking some accounts. In his thread in Wjunction you can read various posts and discussions that accuse him of some things. But we know now how the Wjunction users tick and some of them are more than annoying. I wish him a lot of success and let’s see how it will develop over the next years. Here you can express your opinion if you think otherwise or if you think that this is possible in the long run.

Why Rapidvideo..

.. is better than the others. Many who come from the scene know how hard it is to decide a good stream or file hoster for your visitors. There are certain factors that make a service the decisive point. How fast is the download? How fast do the streams load? How much advertising is there? Which possibilities are offered? Which qualities are available? These are points that might be important for a visitor.

Then there are the beloved users from Wjunction who would have the feeling that a hoster would have unlimited possibilities. For a webmaster they can be really annoying. There are some topics in the forum where you just ask yourself, WHY? Of course some of them just want to earn money and try to force the webmasters to do things where the whole business could be damaged. But this is a completely different story with the Wjunction users. I’ll write you an article about it sometime.

Wjunction support threads

It’s all about why I think is better than the other providers. In my eyes there are only these candidates which I could indicate as competitors. They would be Openload Group (streamango, streamcherry et cetera.), Vidoza, GOUnlimited, Vidlox, clipwatching, and several others that don’t occur to me anymore.

The first factor in my eyes is quite clear and certain that Rapidvideo does not use Sibsoft software where you can say that 80% has already been programmed and the rest is done by yourself. This cannot be expected from Vidoza or GOUnlimited, for example. Both competitors use a base code which they just had to extend. This is not a big achievement if you think how much time Rapidvideo had to invest to get the site up and running at all. The only competitor in my eyes is Openload.

Since we can’t take the rest of the stream hoster seriously, we compare Openload to Rapidvideo. If we now compare the Alexa ranking, Openload has much more traffic than Rapidvideo. According to Similarweb it looks like Openload has three times more traffic than Rapidvideo which makes the comparison a lot more difficult. What if there’s three times as much traffic? Does it make the whole thing more difficult than usual? Of course! Triple means like you’re getting three fists in your face. The support suffers, the abuse messages accumulate. How can you manage this?

Video player from rapidvideo

The whole thing is left to the operators of the site and you can see how it comes about or what suffers from it. Openload is a hoster that not only offers streams, but also downloads.

Pros are that Rapidvideo relies on server locations where you can be sure that the loading times show good results even at peak times. Rapidvideo offers support, despite big requests. Rapidvideo has its own DMCA agents to deal with serious court decisions. Rapidvideo has three different video qualities. Rapidvideo has always paid out PPV. Rapidvideo offers settings that Openload does not have. The loading times at Rapidvideo are much better than at Openload. Rapidvideo offers hotlinking. Rapidvideo has more API possibilities.

Of course it’s hard to say, because Openload is much bigger than Rapidvideo. In my eyes the winner is Rapidvideo even if Openload offers several possibilities for file hosting. In the end, it is always up to you which provider you want to use, fortunately. That was only my little opinion to show or prove without big statistics. Convince yourself and try it out.

Example videos of the two providers with the same video file (video source:
From Rapidvideo and from Openload.

Offers from

Both providers have contras that the conversion times take very long. With such massive uploads I can understand this, because both providers are not Youtube platforms that have big servers like Google. To make this possible at all you would have to have powerful servers that cost a lot of money anyway. used to have an Alexa ranking of about 500 in the past, they never had really long waiting times for file conversions. Maybe it was only possible because the video files were all converted to .flv? The answer would be logical. At that time there were no 720p or 1080p qualities to choose from. The videos were mostly in DVD quality and maximum 480p. The conversion was a lot faster. Who knows, maybe there will be a possibility to convert large amounts of data without having to own a Google server.

We are curious how the whole thing will develop. How long both will last and who will overtake who. Openload has its advantages and Rapidvideo its advantages. But Rapidvideo will get some out of the race, I am convinced.