Geoblocking because of Article 13?

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The first stage or the first consents of Article 13 have been approved by the European Union. This will stir up the content industry. However, the Content Mafia can cheer and welcome this decision. After years of debate and negotiations, politicians have passed sweeping changes following a final vote in the European Parliament. The changes have proved controversial, with critics being opposed to two specific parts of the law: Article 11 and Article 13. They form part of the wider regulations which were passed. The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, to use its full name, requires the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to take more responsibility for copyrighted material being shared illegally on their platforms. It’s become known by the most controversial segment, Article 13, which critics claim will have a detrimental impact on creators online. YouTube, and YouTubers, have become the most vocal opponents of the proposal. But despite Article 13 and the Directive on Copyright being passed by EU regulators, it will now have to be implemented by the individual countries within the Union. To help clear things up, here’s WIRED’s guide to the EU Directive on Copyright.

What does this mean for filehosters or site operators with sensitive content?


There will actually only be two options, maybe a third one which would be very unlikely.

The first option would be to completely remove the server locations from the European Union, where Article 13 laws do not apply. The best server location with good connectivity would be Switzerland. Because Switzerland will not accept Article 13 at the moment.

As a non-EU country, the new EU copyright law, once in force, will not apply to Switzerland – theoretically. After all, it can hardly be assumed that large international companies will develop the upload filters required by the EU but not apply them to Switzerland. Rather, it can be assumed that Switzerland will be treated like the other EU countries.

The second option would be that website operators would simply add geoblocking to their site and countries where Article 13 came into force would be filtered. This would also be one of the ways to protect yourself.  The development is dangerous for “European innovation” and start-ups. And an incentive will be created for non-European sites to simply block all EU users by geoblocking.

The third option that I think is very unlikely is that website operators would develop an upload filter. Especially for small sites this would be impossible because the effort and programming is too expensive. It is not technically possible, and it would mean the demise of social media and communities.

Then people will just circumvent that by using a VPN. Using a VPN for that purpose does not break any laws in either the EU or the United States, no matter what some commenters over on Techdirt have told me. For it to be a DMCA violation, you have to be making money, that is what the “commercial or private financial gain” part of it means. And the CFAA does not apply, because you are not breaking a password. In order for it to be “unauthorized access”, you have to be using a cracked, stolen, or otherwise illegally obtained password. So you could not be criminally charged in the United States for bypassing geoblocking.

If Article 13 is fully implemented in Europe, VPN trade will boom and there would be a very big change in the Internet. We should not give it a chance and take action before it is too late. Europe does not listen to its people, the EU creates its own laws and implements them against the will of the people. This is no longer a democracy.

When Advertising Networks..

…start requesting ID’s from you. Then you think twice whether you want to do this. Especially if they come from the grey zone. I was asked a few days ago to send my ID to Propellerads. I was registered with them as a publisher for almost a year and gave them more than a million impressions a month. They decided to start something new called KYC System. I can understand when payment systems or governments exert pressure. This forces such networks as Propellerads to take action.

Propellerads knows, however, that their advertising. I suppose 50 or 60% if even more come from the grey zone or from the scene. Just the thought of subscription traps, viruses, gambling and other methods used as advertising media makes this even more suspicious. Especially for webmasters.Of course I would have no problem sending my ID to such a company. However, as a webmaster you still think about whether you should take such a step. Nevertheless, anonymity is more important to a webmaster than something like that, isn’t it?

Mail from Propellerads

Advertising from Adsterra, Adcash, Popcash, Popads and much more is simply used by illegal Warez, Porn, Stream or Filehoster and Streamhoster and also these companies know this and do targeted advertising for them. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m overreacting. However, I find that such a sensitive topic has to be reconsidered again and again, especially with such providers. Especially if providers also offer payouts in the form of crypto currencies, this is still a bigger issue.

I have come to the decision to move from Propellerads and register with other providers.

Let’s see if other providers will join in or if this is the case everywhere. Otherwise alternatives have to be found.

My desire..

cyberpunk 2077 radio mix (click to listen)

..for special music. Every human being is special in his own way and fortunately nobody has the same personality. My passion for synthwave and film music is enormous. Some years ago I came across a kind of music that still fascinates me today. Cyberpunk and retro music from the 80s.

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a futuristic setting that tends to focus on a “combination of lowlife and high tech” featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. – Wikipedia

I would recommend to each of you to listen to such music. If you like electronic music, you will also like this one. Simply click on the thumbnail here in the article and the player will open.

When suddenly Hetzner..

.. the runner in the hosting industry is and every Webmaster messes up because possibilities arise which nobody would never have thought. Hetzner started last year to expand their bandwidth offer. The bandwidth was on a dedicated 1000mbps connection for actually all of their dedicated servers. However, they were still limited to 20TB per month until almost the end of 2018. When you exceeded 20TB, the connection was throttled.

Hetzner decided, how it also came to lift the whole limitation of the bandwidth. Now there is unlimited bandwidth for almost all dedicated Hetzner servers. On LowEndTalk the topic was hotly discussed and the users did not hesitate to create the first memes.

hetzner memes

The interesting thing about the whole thing is that after Hetzner increased the bandwidth, OVH went straight along with it. There was suddenly double bandwidth at OVH and that’s exactly what revived the whole community and webmaster scene. Hetzner offers more and more servers where you just can’t look away and have to buy them. That’s why many users keep saying “RIP wallet” with offers from Hetzner. Exactly for these reasons there are the memes for Hetzner.

You are forced to buy servers from Hetzner because they are simply good and cheap and there is no competitor. However, there is a problem for webmasters from the file sharing scene. The server locations are in Germany (Germany is not a lucrative location for file sharers). That makes the whole again interesting. Hetzner was abused again and again by Warez, streaming or even Warez Linking websites because their offers are simply unbeatable. That reminds me of the story from After the whole gang was blown up and arrested, new stuff came from the background of the whole crew and website. was like any other streaming site a concept where the streams were only linked and forwarded to

where are the competitors for hetzner?

streaming providers. At that time there were providers like Freakshare, Bitshare, Duckload and the one provider called was actually a stream hoster that had all the storage servers at Hetzner. One employee had close contact with the operators, who were actually also the operators of They had agreed on a deal where everyone saw a profitable business. With the arrests at such stories came into the net that might have been true or false.

However, we hope that Hetzner will continue to be so cool and bring offers that will burn the bank accounts of his loyal customers again and again.

Why Rapidvideo..

.. is better than the others. Many who come from the scene know how hard it is to decide a good stream or file hoster for your visitors. There are certain factors that make a service the decisive point. How fast is the download? How fast do the streams load? How much advertising is there? Which possibilities are offered? Which qualities are available? These are points that might be important for a visitor.

Then there are the beloved users from Wjunction who would have the feeling that a hoster would have unlimited possibilities. For a webmaster they can be really annoying. There are some topics in the forum where you just ask yourself, WHY? Of course some of them just want to earn money and try to force the webmasters to do things where the whole business could be damaged. But this is a completely different story with the Wjunction users. I’ll write you an article about it sometime.

Wjunction support threads

It’s all about why I think is better than the other providers. In my eyes there are only these candidates which I could indicate as competitors. They would be Openload Group (streamango, streamcherry et cetera.), Vidoza, GOUnlimited, Vidlox, clipwatching, and several others that don’t occur to me anymore.

The first factor in my eyes is quite clear and certain that Rapidvideo does not use Sibsoft software where you can say that 80% has already been programmed and the rest is done by yourself. This cannot be expected from Vidoza or GOUnlimited, for example. Both competitors use a base code which they just had to extend. This is not a big achievement if you think how much time Rapidvideo had to invest to get the site up and running at all. The only competitor in my eyes is Openload.

Since we can’t take the rest of the stream hoster seriously, we compare Openload to Rapidvideo. If we now compare the Alexa ranking, Openload has much more traffic than Rapidvideo. According to Similarweb it looks like Openload has three times more traffic than Rapidvideo which makes the comparison a lot more difficult. What if there’s three times as much traffic? Does it make the whole thing more difficult than usual? Of course! Triple means like you’re getting three fists in your face. The support suffers, the abuse messages accumulate. How can you manage this?

Video player from rapidvideo

The whole thing is left to the operators of the site and you can see how it comes about or what suffers from it. Openload is a hoster that not only offers streams, but also downloads.

Pros are that Rapidvideo relies on server locations where you can be sure that the loading times show good results even at peak times. Rapidvideo offers support, despite big requests. Rapidvideo has its own DMCA agents to deal with serious court decisions. Rapidvideo has three different video qualities. Rapidvideo has always paid out PPV. Rapidvideo offers settings that Openload does not have. The loading times at Rapidvideo are much better than at Openload. Rapidvideo offers hotlinking. Rapidvideo has more API possibilities.

Of course it’s hard to say, because Openload is much bigger than Rapidvideo. In my eyes the winner is Rapidvideo even if Openload offers several possibilities for file hosting. In the end, it is always up to you which provider you want to use, fortunately. That was only my little opinion to show or prove without big statistics. Convince yourself and try it out.

Example videos of the two providers with the same video file (video source:
From Rapidvideo and from Openload.

Offers from

Both providers have contras that the conversion times take very long. With such massive uploads I can understand this, because both providers are not Youtube platforms that have big servers like Google. To make this possible at all you would have to have powerful servers that cost a lot of money anyway. used to have an Alexa ranking of about 500 in the past, they never had really long waiting times for file conversions. Maybe it was only possible because the video files were all converted to .flv? The answer would be logical. At that time there were no 720p or 1080p qualities to choose from. The videos were mostly in DVD quality and maximum 480p. The conversion was a lot faster. Who knows, maybe there will be a possibility to convert large amounts of data without having to own a Google server.

We are curious how the whole thing will develop. How long both will last and who will overtake who. Openload has its advantages and Rapidvideo its advantages. But Rapidvideo will get some out of the race, I am convinced.