Wi.to? What now?

Many knew the former Wi.to. For more than five years, the site has been a victim of projects that were put on ice due to lack of experience and wrong approach. The domain is currently used as an image host for me privately. Through ShareX I create screenshots or GIFs which I link here or just need privately to show or send pictures.

Wi.to was a successful imagehoster last year. With over 3 million picture uploads it was one of the most popular imagehosters on the net. The sad story developed after the summer last year when Wi.to was completely censored by internet service providers in India. The traffic originated 60% from India where we could cover the whole server costs. This censorship was caused by child pornographic content that was discovered too late to be completely deleted from the server. The funny thing about this story was that although there was a contact form on the site, this content was never reported. Despite trying to contact the internet service providers in India, we were not able to unblock the site due to this court order.


private layer inc

By the two-digit .to domain it makes the site so unique to do anything at all with it. At the moment, however, it is simply used privately by me and this will also remain so. At the moment the main page leads to a filehoster of a colleague I know very well and I would like to support.

The site ran completely on Chevereto software and was slightly modified. The servers were all located at Private Layer Inc. This gave us more flexibility with reported images where we could react accordingly. This would never have been possible with server locations like Germany.

Users were warned before the site was shut down that the site would be removed from the net and we could not finance it due to circumstances.

Never forget..

.. how time flies. Because at some point you will notice how valuable it used to be. Because the time you invest in something is the time at which you achieve something.

As some of you may remember, I had a blog before. Due to changes in my life, as well as some jumps through time, I forgot the internet. Nevertheless I have been back for about two years and run some projects on the Internet that make me proud today that I could achieve this.

Because I’m active in filesharing and scene release, I’ll keep you posted on this blog. As well as I will never forget my old roots in the emulator and underground scene of virus.to. I will keep you up to date about that as well. What means keep up to date, I’ll just tell you about me and the beloved scene. The internet has shaped us 10 years ago and will continue to do so today.

First of all I would like to say that my blog does not contain any downloads to software, games or music. Maybe I’ll link some music to Youtube from time to time, nothing more. Here you can

“One day I’d like to become something precious to others”

get information from me and about the scene where I actively read and get involved.

A lot has changed in the last 15 years. There were many changes where P2P wasn’t in the foreground anymore. The one-click hosters have established themselves and there have been many arrests from Megaupload to the German scene through Kino.to etc.

I am looking forward to the next years and hope you will discuss hot topics here in my blog. If you have interesting news and topics, please contact me via the contact form. Just so I’ve mentioned it. As you can see from the pictures in this blog post here, I am an anime fan. Not as exaggerated as maybe others, but I just wanted to get rid of it. The one in the pictures in this post is Gaara of Naruto.