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What I had suspected for months has now also happened with Openload, Streamango and Streamcherry. Rapidvideo had given the go-ahead and now another one follows. It will not be the first hoster to make this decision. There will be some more to follow, I’m sure. Openload announced yesterday around midnight to completely remove their Pay-Per-View system. Users who should have more than 20$ on their account still have the possibility to pay out. Payouts can still be made until April 30th.

Many Wjunction users thank Openload for years of loyalty and a service they could offer. There has never been such a stream host in the streaming scene as Openload. Years ago Streamcloud was number one with an Alexa rank of 500 and Openload made it to the top up to Alexa 105 with 230 million unique visitors per month. Openload accounted for 0.8% of worldwide traffic on the Internet. Openload caused more traffic than HULU or HBO Go. After such a big announcement of Openload, many loyal users and big uploaders will have to put an end to the service. However, it probably doesn’t mean the end of Openload. If a company gets a monopoly position, it is still needed, even if it doesn’t offer anything. Through years of offering, there are uploaders who have become accustomed to the service. Especially visitors. Watch the video of Sandvine to see the Global Traffic Consumption. Global Internet Phenomena report 2018.

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This decision only leads to the drastic changes in the file hosting scene that I wrote some time ago. Big law changes in Europe, the eCPM are extremely pushed down. Adblocker user numbers have almost doubled the last five years. This also means that Pay-Per-Download and View is simply no longer profitable for webmasters today. Small hosting providers like Vidoza or GOUnlimited can still hold their own relatively well. The reason is simple, because the traffic from these sites is not as high as the traffic from Rapidvideo and Openload. The bigger the traffic, the less you earn through the eCPM of the advertisers. Also Vidoza and GOUnlimited have to decide sometime. What we can think, however, is that PPS will be up to date again. Previously there was only PPS on Duckload,, Freakshare or Bitshare. At some point there came a new trend reversal with PPV which seems to disappear again and PPS becomes in.

If an experienced hosting provider like Openload has decided for something like this, there must be reasons for it. This does not happen without a reason.

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But it was interesting in the thread of Openload itself. A user shared a page called The site is exactly the same as Openload and you can import the links from Openload to Verystream without having to upload them. It looks like Verystream belongs to Openload. However, so far there has been no official confirmation nor is there an official support thread on Wjunction from this website. That’s why we can only speculate at this time.

The operators of GOUnlimited can now benefit from this whole thing. In a short period of time Rapidvideo and Openload have simultaneously stopped the PPV. GOUnlimited benefits from the whole thing and now has to cope with the massive traffic. This is how the admin of GOUnlimited on Wjunction describes the whole thing. I had already wondered about this hoster before how it is possible to ignore so many deletion requests from companies in the USA. GOUnlimited ignores almost all DMCA requests. We are curious about the whole development and so it looks as if GOUnlimited will take the monopoly at the moment. We hope the best and much success for the whole stream and filehoster webmasters.

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Many uploaders of Wjunction are very suspicious of this whole thing of GOUnlimited. There is almost no trust in the service because they suspect that GOUnlimited would eventually disappear from the net. GOUnlimited moves very deep in the grey area. So far, amazingly enough, the whole scene is very quiet. Many webmasters have not responded to Openload’s action. Maybe many welcome it because they can intercept the traffic as well as GOUnlimited does? Or are there already fierce discussions that some operators should follow? We will see what else will happen. On my blog you will stay up to date. In the comments you can give your opinion.

More information can also be found on Tarnkappe. But only in German.

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