Habbo.to, what happened there?

A lot of people wonder why I still deal with such a game today. The answer is quite simple, I haven’t dealt with the underground scene in the Habbo for years. So I have absolutely nothing left to do with retro hotels. The only thing left is Habbo.to. The internet address still belongs to me after almost eight years. I discovered this game, as described on my About page, about 15 years ago. This game was one of the reasons how I came to this world like the scene and also one of the reasons where I got to know the whole scene people.

Operator of the site is today a former friend “Slaxxer” whom I already know for a decade. Many users send me mails or chat requests again and again what happens now exactly with it, because simply nothing happens. The user numbers are all in the zero range. The employees are not active at all. The administrators are silent.

I can tell you one thing. I do not run this site and have nothing to do with it. The only as I said, just make the domain available. How the site is operated or administered is in the hands of Slaxxer. He’s been in this business for years and he knows how the whole thing works. At that time he had a retro hotel with more than 1000 users online at the same time and he knows how to deal with such things. Also I am curious about the development with Habbo.to. What else will be programmed, how it will look with the user numbers. But I know one thing about him, he has a new partner and I hope that the cooperation with experienced people will also make the site successful.

old bubbo aka jabbo

How did all this come about?

About nine years ago I founded the Habbo.kz Hotel with the Phoenix Emulator which showed amazing user numbers. The servers were all running on Microsoft’s IIS 7.0 web server. The website software ran completely on ColdFusion (.cfm). The whole thing wasn’t professionally set up but the number of users increased after about 2 years to over 40’000 visitors a day. There were over 800 users online at peak times. Through these experiences I could strengthen my knowledge about server technology, database and webserver. It is very amazing what you would learn with a child’s play. In the end, it wasn’t childish what we did, we could expand our experiences that we still don’t regret.

Later after Habbo.kz closed its doors, the successor Bubbo.so came and Slaxxer played a big role. That’s why I gave him the Habbo.to today. It is a very long story and also this would leave a big blog entry. Habbo was a great time, but the times are long gone. I wish the new generation all the best and look forward to the development of Habbo.to.

5 Responses to “Habbo.to, what happened there?”

  • I will never forget you tunny. You did a lot in the past and contributed the whole retro community with your project back then. Thank you for this great memories.

    • That I had done a lot is true. But it did not bring anyone anything. It’s a pity I don’t have my archive anymore, there were a lot of informative things there. May I ask who you are?

  • Obviously I’m too old for this sort of stuff, never heard of it. But the graphics look stunning.

    • Tunny was a well known name back then. He found vurnls.. hacked accounts and created tools for this game. He left the game back in 2014 or something and disappeared. Got this Blog from sngforum right now. Happy to see he is still alive lol

    • It’s not really important. It was a long time, but also very instructive. The times are over, but we never forgot where we came from. This game was funny back then, today it’s just a money machine. 😀

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