GO Unlimited, how do you do it?

Actually, they’re known. The video hosters that appear in the Wjunction Board from nowhere and actually leave the net after a few months. However, there is a provider who calls himself GOUnlimited and this provider is still a very big phenomenon for me today. This is a pure video hoster that is really able to ignore all DMCA messages and provide a service that should be a target for content mafia companies like MPAA. I suspect that the owner of this site either acts alone or has some friends to help him. He uses the script from Sibsoft called XVideoSharing which has been used by sites like Streamcloud, Flashx and others for years and was a big hit back then. But we should not forget that until today no real alternative exists. Openload, Rapidvideo and several other hosters all have self-made scripts and the remaining 70% use Sibsoft scripts and the other 30% perhaps Yetishare. After research I know that the owner lives somewhere in an Arab country and also owner of some Warez websites is relatively well known in the Arab countries.

How he presents his service: GO Unlimited is the only DMCA ignored and offshore video hosting on the web which means that your pirated videos won’t be deleted due to any law, but it’s also a great option for all kind of videos. GO Unlimited is founded and being managed by a team who has more than 10 years of experience with pirated Movies, TV Shows, Football, websites online streaming and torrent.

But the big question is, why does he have such big balls? He offers a service that will be recognized by the MPAA at some point, if this hasn’t been done for a long time anyway. We know how fast the USA can take a page off the net. As an example there is Megaupload which was shut down by the FBI within weeks without any legal search decisions. For webmasters DMCA are a very sensitive topic. There are some, for them the handling of such messages is very important. One of these providers is Rapidvideo.

wjunction in a nutshell

If you look at the thread on Wjunction, the hoster is very popular for its offer and is growing steadily. It is paid for downloads, the streams run smoothly and videos are not deleted, a dream to be true, right? I don’t know if this will work in the long run. But one thing is clear, we hope that there won’t be another headline like the one from Megaupload. GOUnlimited expressed himself in any case in a contribution in Wjunction how he handles all this exactly. Is it wise that he pays his servers with his credit card? The storage servers are all at OVH and in case of a court order the data will be passed on in a few days. The Main Server is located in Netherlands at an offshore provider.

Many users also accused him of spreading lies and manipulating PPD revenue or blocking some accounts. In his thread in Wjunction you can read various posts and discussions that accuse him of some things. But we know now how the Wjunction users tick and some of them are more than annoying. I wish him a lot of success and let’s see how it will develop over the next years. Here you can express your opinion if you think otherwise or if you think that this is possible in the long run.

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