DMCA Ignored becomes more and more popular

File and stream hosting right now

File and stream hosting right now

DMCA ignored has become so big that it can hardly be ignored anymore. By not ignored I mean that MPAA or RIAA won’t let this get through so easily anymore. GO Unlimited started with this trend about a year ago and today there are about 10 more hosters. Such providers are popular at the moment because uploaders don’t have to upload again and again when they are deleted. But the content owners are getting impatient and the copyright agencies are more and more under pressure.

More and more lawyers are called in to locate the operators. Namecheap and Cloudflare are lately also increasingly under pressure. The domain of Openload was suspended and blocked only a few days ago, GO Unlimited was removed from Cloudflare. Namecheap has blocked and removed several filehoster domains. Subpoenas from RIAA caused some filehosters to disappear from the scene. Also many Warez pages were under pressure or disappeared from the screen.

In Germany, however, the situation is still relaxed. Portals like Kinox, Movie4k, or are still online today and accessible without problems. The question, however, is whether will also disclose the data through subpoenas. Up to now there was no case that a .to domain was removed from the net. It is also not known whether more domain registrars are under pressure or only the two US companies Cloudflare and Namecheap. Russian domain providers like .ru or .su or .to still seem to be safe at the moment. International domain providers are under increasing pressure from the Content MAFIAA.

Some DMCA ignored file hosters on

There are many hosting providers that ignore all the DMCA requests because in many countries it is not regulated by law. But if it comes to a subpoena, then even the biggest Bulletproof Hoster will get scared. Information can be forwarded quickly, without problems. It is a big dilemma for all hosting operators. I don’t suspect that OVH, Ecatel, Obenetwork or other providers would cooperate with DMCA at all. The reason is simple. Money rules. If you can earn money with cheap hardware, other things are not relevant anymore. Offshore hosting is expensive and lucrative. Anyway, we are curious about what will happen in the future. What are your opinions on this? If you have other information or discussions, you can comment here.

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