Gaara from Naruto

I’m known on the internet under Tunny and have been doing this since about 2005 in my childhood when I discovered Habbo back in 2002. Only around 2005 I discovered the scripting scene in Habbo Hotel and was a member of well-known communities like TFH3, Script-o-Matic, HBLX, Voide.org, Sngforum.info, Krews.org etc. There is still one site that still exists today, that is Sngforum.

I was one of the players back then who didn’t want to be of the good kind. I showed a lot of interest in programming and learned to understand and implement some things quickly. I wasn’t one who could make a difference, but I was part of the community that could promote a lot. So I learned the “Habbo” community that accompanied me for almost 7 years.

Interest in the World Wide Web increased rapidly in this game and I discovered through the underground scene in Habbo more communities and these were the script kiddies with remote administration tools. I participated in communities like Hacksector, Free-hack or Hackforums and discovered more possibilities.

Fortunately my interest in the underground scene faded and I discovered another world for myself. I founded my own community which changed its name over the years. The first name was U-Habbo later Welt.to and at the end it was Virus.to. Through my own active community I got to know a lot of new people with whom I still have contact today. Some of them became parents today and some became well known webmasters or programmers. I don’t regret until today that I had founded my own forum which ended after some years around 2013.

There was a time when I owned sites that would never have had a future. I tried it with image hosters, with automated blog pages to create backlinks. I was doing things that didn’t make sense or needed to be done differently. Through mistakes I learned again and again to become better. If I would write now about my former projects, this would never end. Today I am active in the scene called file sharing. I am not an uploader, but one who follows and reads the whole thing. I like to have contact with people and I like to exchange information. I will tell you a lot about this scene. News, information that would interest you if you were on my blog. Oh, well, a few memes will come too, of course.

Wice (click to listen)

Enough about the Internet, I’ll tell you a little about me. My taste in music is very mixed. I love film music and music from the late 80’s. I also like music from today. I have been to concerts by Hans Zimmer or am a real fanatic of NewRetroWave. Music is also one of the points in my life that plays a big role. If I hadn’t had music on my computer, I probably wouldn’t have had projects today that changed a lot. Music changes people and gives you ideas that would probably never occur to you. Music calms me down and makes me think. Not in a negative sense, but in a positive one.

I was a World of Warcraft player for years. Actually, I played this game for 10 years and have been in it since 2008. I’ve never been more fascinated by a game than a Blizzard MMORPG. I must admit, they’ve done their job very well. This was also a time that has passed again, because WoW has also changed massively, unfortunately.


I’m a real movie and series freak. I like to watch everything. From action to romance. Actually I was interested in a lot of movies, especially the Top IMDB 250 list with the best ratings they really deserve. If I said personally, I liked The Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away and Harry Potter the most. Series I liked the most are Naruto, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Since I also like anime series or movies very much, my personal avatar of Naruto was also created. That’s why “Gaara” is supposed to represent “me”.

I could actually tell you so much about myself. This would never end. Sometimes there are things you should rather keep silent than present to the world. If you have questions or criticism, just write me via the contact form. Maybe we reach us through a private chat, who knows.